Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses



Update 9/19/2012: Hello, and my apologies. Let me explain. My name is Michael, and I created this site 6 years ago but 5 years ago was the last time that I have updated it (until now). Originally, I tried to mold blogger into a site where individual personal profiles of gay ex-Jehovah's Witnesses could be posted and where people could meet one another (you will see that upon closer inspection, this is not really a "blog"). Anyway, I started to receive quite a few responses, and people from all over the world were sending in profile information, using the form I created here. Soon it was just too much work for me. Also, I became caught up in with many personal affairs, and until today, did not even remember how to log in and update the blog. Today, I regained access to my blogger dashboard, and thus am creating this update. I apologize to all those who have filled out the form in the past five years (now removed), whose profiles were not posted.

One of the main things I was trying to accomplish was to create a network where gay ex-Jehovah's Witnesses could socialize, where they could say a few things about themselves and meet others like them. It turns out that what I was trying to do has been done in a much more automated and user friendly website, called "Facebook". Anyone heard of that?

Since this site is the first item that comes up in Google when you type the words "gay Jehovah's Witness", I will keep it active, with a link to Facebook's "Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses" Group. I will leave the existing profiles up that were received in 2006, but will not be adding any more.


New Profiles

Here are the most recent profiles added. Refresh your page if you've been here recently. (Note: Some browsers, like Firefox, won't take you to the correct place for the profile you select. This can be resolved by clicking refresh after you click on the link below.)

May 5, 2006: Raul, Santiago, Chili
May 5, 2006: Jess, Copenhagen, Denmark (pic)
April 30, 2006: Jo, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK
April 12, 2006: Christophe, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (pic)
April 4, 2006: Bob, Seattle, WA, USA (pic)
April 4, 2006: Phillip, New York, NY, USA
April 4, 2006: Alan, Armadale, Edinburgh, Scotland (pic)
March 6, 2006: Vernon, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa (pic)
March 6, 2006: Antony, Wellington, New Zealand
February 13, 2006: Frank, Fremont, CA, USA (pic)
February 11, 2006: Jon, Tyler, TX, USA
February 9, 2006: Jim, Sinking Spring, PA, USA (pic)
February 9, 2006: Jonathan, Seattle, WA, USA (pic)
February 7, 2006: Anthony, Rochester, NY, USA
February 7, 2006: Pierre, Montréal, Québec, Canada
February 7, 2006: Dave, Atlanta, GA, USA (pic)
February 7, 2006: Iwan, Cardiff, Wales, UK (pic)
February 7, 2006: Christopher, Portland, OR, USA (pic)
February 7, 2006: Nate, Edmonds, WA, USA
February 7, 2006: Daniel, Walnut Creek, CA, USA
February 7, 2006: Mark, Arlington, VA, USA
February 7, 2006: Max, Sydney, NSW, Australia (pic)
February 6, 2006: Brett, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK (pic)
February 5, 2006: Eric, San Diego, CA, USA
February 2, 2006: Marleen, San Antonio, TX, USA (pic)
February 2, 2006: Ryan, Los Angeles, CA, USA (pic)
February 1, 2006: Doug, Seattle, WA, USA (pic)
January 29, 2006: Jasper, Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands (pic)
January 24, 2006: John, Houston, TX, USA
January 24, 2006: David, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
January 24, 2006: Jason, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
January 24, 2006: Sherry, Seattle, WA, USA (pic)
January 23, 2006: Michael, Seattle, WA, USA (pic)


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