Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

Date Posted: January 24, 2006
Name: Jason
Age: 29
Sexuality: Gay
Beliefs/Religion: Agnostic
My experience as a JW was: Mostly Positive
And I: do not believe that it is the truth

Interests: Travel, Photography, Cricket, Tennis, Adventure Sports, TV -ER, Music - alternative, Drinking alcohol

E-Mail:, Email as much as you like but not too much...

Raised as a dub, been out of it now for past 3 years and happy. Family still involved and dont know my whole 'storey'! Lived in Australia all my life but been to Europe, about to move overseas to Canada via the US. Would be cool to have a beer or two with anyone anywhere I might be coming on my travels. (West coast US - LA, San Fran, Seattle also Canada - Vancouver, Halifax). What else constitutes a comment? Ahh... Good Aussie fella with a good heart and a top personality, that should do it!