Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Date Posted:
April 12, 2006
Name: Christophe
Age: 32
Sexuality: Gay
Beliefs/Religion: Agnostic
My experience as a JW was neutral and I do not believe that it is the truth
Interests: working out, museums, traveling, and others

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Comments: I am born in Grenoble a town from the french alpes where i spent the first 26 years of my life. My mother educated me in the JW faith, but it was not my thing. Although i was trying hard to stay in the church, i finally ended up by quiting officially the religion asking to be radiated in march 2000. At the same time i finished school so i started working in paris for 9 months and from there i left for canada (Ottawa) where i live since 5years (and love it!)