Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


Denmark, Copenhagen

Denmark, Copenhagen

Date Posted:
May 5, 2006
Name: Jess Have Oleson
Age: 27
Sexuality: Gay
Beliefs/Religion: Agnostic/spiritual
My experience as a JW was neutral when I was in the organization - now I am more negative about the organization as a whole and the huge impact it has on the minds of its individuals - and I do certainly not believe that it is the "Truth"...Everyone should be ┬┤humble┬┤ enough to acknowledge that the world is far too complex to be described by a single "true" belief system
Interests: Listening to classical music, Playing the piano, Singing, Science, Swimming, Cooking, Reading, Discussing silly/important subjects, Hiking

E-Mail:, but please keep them brief (and gradually increase their length if we become friends)

Comments: ...think I am a nice guy once you get under my skin - although it might be a difficult task ;-). Will be pleased to meet some of you guys for a coffee if you decide to spend your holidays here in wonderful Copenhagen.