Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


New Zealand, Wellington

New Zealand, Wellington

Date Posted: March 7, 2006
Name: Antony
Age: 30
Sexuality: Gay
Beliefs/Religion: None
My experience as a JW was: positive
And I: do not believe that it is the truth

Interests: I love the night life, I like to boogie.. I also like art and anything designer-ly, cheesy pop, sappy ballads, hiking, traveling,chocolate and shopping

E-Mail:, Email but please keep them brief

Raised a witness. Knew I was gay since my teens. Kept it hidden, tried to ignore it, but as the years went by it got more and more difficult. Realised that I could not keep on living a lie, living the life that my family expected me to live. It was extremely difficult, but I came out to my family and disassociated myself from the Witnesses. That was a year and a half ago now. Since then I have found friends who have supported me and make me laugh and feel ... gay! I am now at university studying Art and design. Please feel free to email me, be good to hear from you guys.