Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


United Kingdom, Leicestershire, Leicester

United Kingdom, Leicestershire, Leicester

Date Posted: February 6, 2006
Name: Brett Young
Age: 32
Sexuality: Gay
Beliefs/Religion: Atheist
My experience as a JW was: negative
And I: do not believe that it is the truth

Interests: Travel, Music, Gardening, Rugby

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I am an extremely happy settled Gay ex Jehovah’s Witness. I have lived with my partner, Matthew, for five years now. It’s our anniversary on the 24th February. I’m a bank manager and Matt’s a Doctor. We have 2 dogs and five tortoises… don’t ask… and two goldfish. I was born in Zimbabwe (Africa) and did my high schooling in South Africa where I then also served at Bethel. I moved to the United Kingdom in 1995 and have never looked back.