Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


United Kingdom, Wiltshire, Chippenham

United Kingdom, Wiltshire, Chippenham

Date Posted:
April 30, 2006
Name: Jo
Age: 26
Sexuality: Lesbian
Beliefs/Religion: Ex-JW (but wasn't baptized)
My experience as a JW was negative and I am not sure if it is the truth

Interests: Making new friends,chilling,having time with my gf +kids,shopping,all sorts of music,watching movies.Anything!

E-Mail: , Email but please keep them brief.

Comments: I am awaiting a post to be put up here that will tell more about me. I am looking for friendship only. My nickname is RAINBOW on A Common Bond message board. I would rather not include pic of me but I am on looking for friendship with a pic.