Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


USA, Georgia, Atlanta

USA, Georgia, Atlanta

Date Posted: February 7, 2006
Name: Dave Huff
Age: 56
Sexuality: gay
Beliefs/Religion: I believe in God and am Spiritual but am not practicing
My experience as a JW was: neutral
And I: do believe that it is the truth.

Interests: I am an advid sweepstakes enterer. Love Sci-Fi. Love travel and meeting new people, especially ex-JW's.

E-Mail:, Email as much as you like!

Was gay as a teenager, got babtized at 14 thinking that would 'CURE' me. Got married at 19 thinking that would 'CURE'. Well two boys and 35 years later, I got divorced, left the truth and am much happier.