Gay Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses


USA, Washington, Edmonds

USA, Washington, Edmonds

Date Posted: February 7, 2006
Name: Nate
Age: 32
Sexuality: Gay
Beliefs/Religion: mainly Taoist, with a dash of pagan & mystic; non ritualistic, more about awareness and intention.
My experience as a JW was: negative-how I felt about myself, and neutral-in most other aspects
And I: do not believe that it is the truth.

Interests: outdoor activities-camping (primitive/survival), hiking, 4X4, photography, camp cooking, skiing, rock collecting, collecting medicinal plants, gardening, exploring back country roads and trails. Farmers' markets, people watching, walking on trails, massage (giving and receiving), Spa treatments (giving and receiving), aromatherapy and organic chemistry, cooking, fine dining, Chess!, ceramics-firing and glazing, animals, aquariums, poltry, family, reading-(spiritual, philisophical, scientific, professional, astrology), I'Ching, meditation, Tai Chi, healing & nurturing. Tattoos

E-Mail:, Email as much as you like! (Put "ex JW's" in the subject box, for SPAM filter purposes, I'm in school and do not have alot of computer time daily.)

To know my interests is to begin to know me. I like all types of guys, it just depends on the individual, for friends or ??? I'm usually very reserved, even shy.